Beginner’s Program

Beginner’s Program (Only on request)

Beginner’s Program : 300 € 2 hrs. of lessons per day, for 5 days

An ideal program for beginners and children who never have been on a horse before. We teach you the important basics a rider needs to know using the natural horsemanship method. Your first lesson will take place in the arena where you can build up trust on a reliable Andalusian horse or pony. You will soon be confident enough to join us on a ride on the beach or into the mountains.

The basics you will learn, include grooming, saddling and leading your horse as well as some ground work. The Andalusian riding style we teach is similar to the vacquero style the local cattle ranchers,called vacqueros, use when working with their cattle. Our aim is that horses and riders are as comfortable as possible, so we mostly use bit less bridles and gentle aids. You will be taught how to ride using your weight, leg aids and voice and neck reining. Most non riders and children learn this style of riding very easily.