Prices of our Rides and Excursions ( open all year)

1-hour ride – Along the beach or into the mountains 30,00 €

Offer & prices

2-hour ride – A nice combination of Beach and Mountain 60,00 €

30 Min. Pony leading 15,00 €

Halfday and Dayrides with lunch included

3-4 Hour ride to the Sanctuary of the light (Monastery in the mountains) 70,00 €
3-4 Hour ride beach-mountain to a local Restaurant El Rancho 70,00 €
4 Hour ride to the huge sanddune of Punta Paloma ( Pick nick ) 80,00 €
4-5 hour ride into the Los Alconocales/ Corktrees National Park( Pick nick ) 80,00 €


Weekly Program: The best choice for riders. (Summer-rest,july and august) See details. 450,00 €
Relax Program – 10 Hours of riding along the beach or into the mountains 300,00 € ( july + august 350€ )

Horsemanship courses: On request. November and March every year

General information:

Rides for kid without experiance from the age of 10 years. For younger kids we offer ponyleading or riding lessons.

For Beginners we offer one or two hour rides or riding lessons.

The weight-limit are 100 kilograms.