Our Team

Aventura-Ecuestre-Tarifa-b5Christina Ward – Swiss-Scottish-Vet and the owner of Aventura Ecuestre. Her horse Zenit has been with her since the foundation of the riding stables in 1994. Living on a farm with her husband and twin boys she is taking care of the ponies and rescue horses there. Managing the stables, Rescue horses, selling horses and selling handmade Spanish leather boots are her daily tasks. Fluent in German-English-Spanish and French.

Aventura-Ecuestre-Tarifa-b2Bianka – with her horse Royal. She has been part of the business since the very start in1994. Helps in the administration side of the business and speaks fluent German-Spanish-French and English. Together with her husband Henry, they are always around and able to help.





Our Team 2015 / 16

Aventura-Ecuestre-Team-01Natalie, Josefina, Livia, Christina, Prisca