Relax Program

Relax Program: Flexible Riding Program , Ride and Relax – 350 €

Beach- and mountain rides – Sun – Culture – Sports and great Andalusian horses.

Discover the Spanish way of riding on our amazing Andalusian horses. The Relax Program is suitable for beginners, returners as well as advanced riders who want to make their dream, to ride on a beach, come true.
Discover together with your horse the nature and culture of Andalusia. Ride on the wide, endless and golden beaches of Tarifa. It is a unique experience galloping along the waterfront with the Moroccan coastline in the background. Discover the nature reserve “Los Lances” with its pine trees and dunes. The lagoon of the river Rio Jara is a stop over for many migrating birds. Away from the beach, we take you inland into the hills, through common grazing land where we ride along herds of cows and horses. Tarifa has an unspoilt countryside where Andalusian life is still present. It is a fascinating contrast.
You will have enough time to go to the beach, the pool or for sightseeing. We recommend a visit to Tarifas old town and castle and to the roman ruins in the next bay, called Bologna. You can also book Whale watching and the day trip to Morocco on-site at the stables.
The Relax Program can easily be combined with the weekly Program.