A proverb says: ” Tarifa is like a virus, once you have caught it, you cant get rid of it”.
Andalusia – known for its noble Spanish horses, its tradition and culture, where laughter, dance and music, vine, tapas and sun are part of  daily life.

Tarifa, Costa de la Luz.
Tarifa, the “Pueblo Blanco” white village, is the most southern town of the European continent. Europe and Africa,  are only 14 km apart and are separated by the Straights of Gibraltar.
Tarifa has one of the last wild, undeveloped and beautiful coastlines. It is a real nature treasure with the straights natural park and the cork oak natural park, guaranteeing that it will stay undeveloped in the future. There are endless white sandy beaches  and it is fortunately not  over run by tourism.

Tarifa is a must for birdwatchers- ornithologists. As a result of the short sea crossing, Tarifa is one of the major migration routes between Africa and Europe. The “Playa de los Lances”, the 10 km stretch of finest, golden sand with its river ” Rio Jara” and fresh water lagoon is the main stop over for thousand of migrating birds.

As the windsurf and kite capital of Europe, Tarifa offers all year round an attractive night life with countless restaurants, cafés and “tapa” bars. The huge variety of sporting activities and many  cultural destinations in the area add to Tarifas attraction as a holiday destination.

Many people have succumbed to the charming , young spirited and international touch of this small town and return regularly or even make Tarifa their new home.

Tarifa – a place of nature, sports and freedom. ” He who catches the Tarifa virus cannot get rid of it”.