Weekly Program

The team and our horses look forward to welcoming you in Tarifa. This is a short outline of our program. Enjoy your weekly Program together with your horse.

Until 20. September 2016

Sunday: Arrival day

Please do not hesitate to see us at the stables before or after the check-in. We are happy to help you whenever you need us.

Please note: riding times might change during the season.

 Monday: First contact and beach ride.  10.30-13.00  // Evening ride

10h30 We all meet at the stables where you will get to know your guide and your horse for the week.  We will give you an introduction to the natural way of Spanish riding. Our goal is to show you a different way to  ride as what you are maybe used to. We try to ride most of  the horses bitless with fine aids, with weight and voice as well as neck reining. The Spanish horses are amazing teachers. Practise the Spanish riding style on your first ride threw the pine woods and along the endless, golden beach „Playa de los Lances“.

After the ride , we all sit together for a small snack to discuss the weekly program .

In the evening there will be another beach ride, where you can practice your new skills.

Tuesday: Mountain ride to the “Sanctuary of the Light”, a historic site of Tarifa

10h30-15h00 – We ride inlands, towards the hills,  to discover the real Andalusian countryside. This is freedom. We ride through fields and along narrow pathways, through the common grazing land where cows and horses, Iberian pigs, sheep and goats roam freely. At a historic site, called the Sanctuary of light we will have a rest. This is a monastery, where the patron Saint of Tarifa can be seen.  The colorful patio as well as the church is worth the visit. Once a year at the cabalgata, around 500 horses with their traditionally dressed riders, accompany the Saint to Tarifa where she takes a place of honor above the altar of the main church, St. Matthew. At the Sanctuary we have a picnic under the pine trees and time to relax and to explore the monastery.

Wednesday: Ride to “El Rancho”  a local traditional restaurant.IMG_0186

10h30-15h00 – We will enjoy a great ride along the beach towards Tarifa with lots of possibilities to canter or gallop. If we are lucky we will see migrating birds in the river ” Rio Jara”resting before their crossover to Africa.  Through pine wood forests we ride into  the countryside passing a private Spanish horse and bullfarm. A tipical local Spanish lunch will be served at the restaurant  “el Rancho”. This  restaurant owned by a horse loving family is hardly known to the non locals.

Thursday: “Free –Relax day”

Free day where you can relax  or discover the surroundings of Tarifa. Visit the beautiful bay of bolonia and the historic ruins or book a tickets with us:  Tanger ,Whale watching , Show of the dancing Andausian horses in Jerez .

Or just relax, and enjoy a beach or Tarifa town day. Find more information about activities in Tarifa on the website.

Friday: Sand Dune and “Punta Paloma” ride

10h00-15h00 – Ride along the hillside to the amazing sand dunes of “Punta Paloma”. We will climb the dunes at this world famous windsurf beach of Tarifa . Enjoy the views and have fun sliding down the dune on horse back. After this special adventure we will enjoy a picnic in romantic pine woods

Saturday: Ride into the Cork Tree National Park

10h30-16h30 – Ride into the hills of Tarifa, with stunning views over the valley, beaches and over to Africa. We reach the southern most part of the cork oak forest, called “ Los Alcornocales” Mules are still used to transport the  cork, which is cut every 7 years. This is a beautiful ride into the remote back lands of Tarifa passing by herds of free roaming farm animals. We will enjoy a picnic in middle of the cork oak wood before we  ride back through a beautiful valley.

Sunday: Departure day

Enjoy your last view over to Africa, before you say good bye to” your” horse. There is a saying, “Tarifa is like a virus, once you have caught it, it will not let you go”. perhaps you will also catch the Tarifa virus.

“Mi casa es tu casa”, our house is your house, the Spanish locals would say. You are always welcome back at Aventura Ecuestre.